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Rethinking inspiration – Mark introduces his highlights using the DISCOVER feature, and he explains why motocompano is his favourite tool for generating new ideas.


Getting inspired

“My favourite feature: I can discover full tours, beautiful tracks and destinations of other motocompaneros, and i can use them for my own tours. One of a kind.“

  • Discover window
  • Profiles of other users
  • Filtering layers on the map
Discovering streets

“By using my webaccount i can actually detect whether routes or trails are as exciting as i expected them to be. One click on a street with a Videotrack and I´m in – I mean: really there!“

  • Thumbnails of positions on the map
  • Following videos with geopositions on the map
Using content of others

“In the timeline i can see what my friends are up to. And it´s almost like being on tour with them as well. I can even use their content – i.e. routes or any other data – for my own plannings later on.“

  • Timeline
  • Messenger
  • Browsing in other users´profiles
  • Discover window

The algorythms are endless. How Simon plans routes that fit like a tailored suit. „motocompano encompasses the whole repertoire for innovative routing technologies.“


Planning the ideal route

“Curvy routes are great. But sometimes i just want to enjoy beautiful landscapes; or experience a panoramic drive while i´m on my way to my girlfriend. Sometimes i´m on tour with my moped and i just want to make sure i´m not hitting some freeway! motocompano fulfills all my needs by offering an abundance of algorithms.“

  • Standard routes
  • Curvy routes
  • Personalized routes
  • Moped routing-option
More time for experiences

“In case i´m out of time or i´m just not in a planning mode, i click on “Automatic Roundtrip” and get really amazing results.“

  • Roundtrip routes (also including personal stopovers)
Planning together

“In case my tour buddies send me route suggestions, I can not only use but edit them for my own preferences. Gas stops after 550km are scheduled within seconds. Perfect!“

  • Editing routes subsequently
  • Individual release management
  • Messenger

For Alicia no other app meets her demands better when it comes to routing.
„motocompano guides me like an expensive hardware navigation device.“ The red line on the map, the turn by turn navigation via text and graphics, or the voice instructions in 24 languages are just some of the reasons Alicia feels secure and ready to enjoy her trip.


Navigating offline worldwide

“There are so many regions with poor internet connection. motocompano offline maps are ready to use worldwide and easy to handle.“

  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Worldwide motocompano offline-maps
Recording trips

“Once i tracked and saved a trip i usually re-evaluate where i was actually travelling and how fast i was . Plus, one of my favourites is the ability to combine tracks with videos. That´s when i really start sharing my adventures!“

  • Recording tracks
  • POI with photos
  • Combining videos and tracks to videotracks
Experiencing the planned

“I want to experience exactly what i planned – well, for most of the time anyways;-) In case my planned route is blocked, motocompano leads me back to the original route after the detour. No newly planned route will spoil my way to my destination.“

  • Back to route

This is where Andreas gets a complete overview of his motorlife. “motocompano is the first app that keeps my touring adventures, including all its different kinds of data, in seperate folders. I can save and keep track of all my experiences perfectly.“


Saving content

“Routes, tracks, POI, photos or entire diary entries: I can permanently save all of my tour experiences with motocompano in just one single spot.“

  • Upload interface for all content in the web
  • Data push from the app into the database
  • Usage of any video from your actioncam
Managing content

“ I´m basically the chief manager here. I can sort and manage everything according to my very own needs, even with tags and texts. I can decide what content is visible to whom and I can get instant access to my webaccount worldwide. Nothing gets lost.“

  • Neatly arranged data management and administration tool
  • Individual colouring options for tracks, videotracks and routes
  • Identification of content/data with descriptions and tags
  • Individual release management
Keeping the overview

“I can call up my touring experiences at the press of a button. This way I can relive, share or just load everything on my mobile. All formats are compatible, be it routes, tracks, POI, tags or text remarks.“

  • Arrangement of content in folders
  • Download of content from the web application on the mobile device
  • A variety of filters for all data

When it comes to reliving her adventures, the numerous and unprecedented viewing options of motocompano are first choice for Alicia. By using Stream-View she can maintain her overview over all the different data she´s been collecting. The Show-View enables her to add music and spoken words to enhance her adventures even more.


Reliving tours

“This is absolutely unique: Additionally to my traditional touring views i get to see all my associated content at once by using Stream-View. I can then add music, narration and text by using Show-View. It’s show time!“

  • Stream-View
  • Show-View
Driving along virtually

“I like watching a video, the position on the map and the velocity – all at once. It´s especially fun having virtual races with other motocompaneros. How the two dots on the map start racing against one another ... it’s nice, every time the adrenaline kicks in.

  • Videotracks
  • Compare Videotracks
Adventures of others

“Lean back and enjoy the show – that´s my motto everytime i watch experiences and shows of other motocompaneros. I use all viewing options i can get – just like i do watching my own adventures.“

  • Discover window
  • Timeline
  • Messenger

To Ruth the release management of motocompano is perfect since she can dictate what kind of content can be seen by whom. That gives her a sense of security and privacy. Working with the motocompano messenger and the timeline are both crucial to her.


Sharing – my way

“With motocompano I can do a whole lot more than just creating friends groups. There are several levels of how to to release the right content for the right people. That way i can really stay in control of what´s published to whom out there.“

  • Friends and groups
  • Messenger
  • Individual release management
Sharing with friends

“I can share all of my experiences with selected friends and groups by using motocompano messenger. I can send texts and photos, geodata, routes or videos ... Using direct links, i can share my adventures via social networks, messenger services or e-mail in the same scope with everyone who has no motocompano account yet.“

  • Timeline
  • Messenger
  • Individual release management
Sharing with motocompaneros

“In the timeline, all my friends and followers can see the posts of my experiences, be it simple messages or rich folders with routes, tracks and maps. If i want to release all of my experiences with all motocompaneros i simply click „visible for all motocompaneros“.

  • Timeline
  • Individual release management

This is where it all begins for Daniel. Here, he can meticulously rate his experiences down to the last meter. It is the very groundwork for his personal routing preferences and everybody elses as well, i.e. “beautiful landscape“ or “driving skills“. A truly unique rating system – and not just a distribution of stars.


Road evaluations – accurate to the meter

“5 stars for a tour of 278 km? Doesn´t really make sense to me... Using motocompano i can simply select a road section i´ve travelled and rate it according to 5 (!) different criteria. This rating – along with the ratings of other users – also amounts to the evaluation for my tailormade tour.“

  • Rating streets accurate to the meter
Making experiences visible

“I want to relive all of my adventures. Seriously. Visually, graphically and down to the littlest road sections. On the motocompano map i can see every detail of my preferences and likings. That´s another stand alone for motocompano.“

  • Individual map visualization
  • Map of experiences

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