26. September 2019

Dark Mode for motocompano

For all fans of the dark side there are great news. With iOS 13 and the newest update for motocompano, you can now enjoy the app in Dark Mode!

Dark design through Dark Mode

Almost three months ago Apple revealed which major changes will come up with the newest iOS update, Version 13. Especially in the display design it is visible. With the „Dark Mode“ the screen is switched to dark colors. This was previously known from the night reading mode, among other things. In many situations this design is more pleasant for the eyes and images, as well as texts, are displayed more clearly.

Download the latest update for motocompano and experience with iOS 13 the app in a cool, dark design, too!

Pleasant dark grey tones greet you on the main screen and are only occasionally enhanced by the familiar, intense orange highlights. If you have set the Apple map, the map views are automatically switched to Dark Mode. Last, but not least a small tip: To darken offline maps, simply go to Settings > Display and activate Night mode. This also works without the iOS Dark Mode.

And that’s how it looks:

That’s how you can activate the Dark Mode

In general you can activate and deactivate Dark Mode in the settings of your iPhone under “Display & Brightness”. This will automatically change the app design of motocompano.


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