09. May 2019

Luis on big world tour

This is Luis. An ordinary boy, who decided to travel around the world. Not so ordinary, that he has done it with his motorcycle and even more unusual that he was only 19 years old!

How it all started

Fascinated by the stories of his father’s trip around the world and his own experiences on longer trips to Canada and Russia, the idea of a world tour was born in Luis just one year before graduating from high school. It was quickly decided that the most appropriate time for such a time-consuming undertaking would be right after his graduation.

However, the limitation of financial resources was a great challenge during the intense planning phase. But soon he came across a detailed motorcycle blog, which turned his plan of a world trip into the idea of a long motorcycle tour.

Research and the route

There was a lot of research. A suitable motorcycle, good and cheap equipment and the right tools had to be found. The search for information about bureaucracy, diseases and vaccinations took up a lot of time as well. But also this could be taken care of and so he went straight to the planning of the route.

From Germany via Austria, Italy, Albania, Greece to Turkey. Then on through Iran, India and Nepal to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Timor-Leste. The last stop of the journey would be Australia. A great motorcycle tour that lay ahead of him.

The discoveries of motorcyclist Luis

An unbelievable year and a half Luis was finally on the road with his motorcycle, a Honda Africa Twin XRV750 RD07 named Queen. He has made many acquaintances and experienced a lot on his journey.

Breathtaking landscapes, places with history and roads full of bends and pot-holes. But the people he met on his motorcycle trip were his greatest enjoinment. Luis says, he would not have gotten as far without the help of many, and he is infinitely grateful to them.

Luis and motocompano

Such a great and inspiring story deserves to be told. Therefore we are very proud to share some of the experiences of motocompanero Luis.

On our social media channels and in motocompano you can now relive his discoveries and explore the world with him by motorcycle. Enjoy!

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