And that’s just the beginning!

Thanks to our awesome supporters, the good press reviews and the very latest app versions – 2021 is already a great year for motocompano.

motocompano 3.0 for iOS – Season 2020 here we come!

With the new update, the Roadtrip app for all your vehicles becomes more intuitive, there are new features and with the Easter discount you even […]

Winter Sale

Make yourself comfortable, organize your tour dates and experience your adventures in a new way! With up to 30% discount…

Get the best Android experience of motocompano!

The next optimization step was expected with joy. Now the latest update, version 2.3.5, for the Android app is available for download!

Dark Mode for motocompano

For all fans of the dark side there are great news. With iOS 13 and the newest update for motocompano, you can now enjoy the […]

Navigate curvy routes forever for free – NOW!

Navigate routes for as long as you like for free. Only with the new Android App and the iOS Update from motocompano!

Further improvements of the Android App

Here comes the solution for recently occurred problems. With the latest update of motocompano Android users can now use all motocompano functions.

SP-CONNECT and motocompano

The dream team oft he most variable smartphone mounting system worldwide and the best companion for your tours.

New Android update in progress

The next update is being prepared, just one week after the Android App Release!

New iOS Update for motocompano!

With the new free update for iOS mobile devices of the app motocompano you get two more features!

New Android Update for motocompano!

With the new update for Android mobile devices of the app motocompano you can finally access all functions that are also included in the iOS […]

Luis on big world tour

This is Luis. An ordinary boy, who decided to travel around the world. Not so ordinary, that he has done it with his motorcycle and […]

motocompano 2.0

The world’s first cross-platform app, that concentrates on all interests regarding driving pleasure. At the end of march the release of motocompano 2.0 marked a […]