09. May 2019

New iOS Update for motocompano – The Motorcycle App!

With the new free update for iOS mobile devices of the motorcycle app motocompano you get two more features!

These are the new functions of motocompano

Six weeks after the release of motocompano 2.0 you can download the first update, which includes two new features.

In the Discover section you can now mark the experiences of other motocompaneros, that you like, as favorites and save them for later. You can then access the growing list simply by a tap on the Favorites button on the main screen.

The second new feature is, that you can finally edit your Timeline posts. The Timeline is part of the social network in motocompano, where you can share your experiences with motocompaneros, who you are befrieded with. You can create posts with text, photos POI, tracks, routes or whole folders, which can also contain video tracks.

With the new function you can now edit these posts afterwards and add more photos, POI, etc. or change texts to present your experiences in even more detail.

No matter if you are on the road with a motorcycle, classic car, sports car or caravan, try it out and download the new update motocompano 2.1 for free.

That’s how you get motocompano 2.1

If you are already a motocompanero, you can download the iOS Update automatically from your Apple App Store in the Updates section.

If you haven’t downloaded the motocompano motorcycle app to your smartphone yet, you can download it for free directly from the Apple App Store. Once you have completed the registration with a unique username and password, you can access all motocompano features.

Have fun marking your favorites and editing your Timeline Posts!

Here you can find help to start with motocompano