09. May 2019

Winter Sale

With motocompano driving fun doesn’t stop when you arrive at home. Get a 30% discount on the full functionality of motocompano with our Winter Sale and start organizing your tour dates right away!

How to organize and relive tours with motocompano

Everyone knows the problem. It starts with one simple gpx-track and suddenly several folders on the laptop are filled with all sorts of disordered route files, pictures and other tour data.

But don’t worry with motocompano the problem is solved. Various features help you to archive exactly these experiences and to process them in a way, that makes reliving a great joy too.

With the large online database in the web application you have a lot of storage available. Separation with the local database on your phone, allows you to store additional data on the go without taking up all your phone memory. Depending on the file size, the import from the online database takes only a few seconds. That’s why tour data is quickly available on your smartphone, too, even when you are on the road.

Should a file ever get lost, you can use filters to display only your tracks, routes, POIs or video tracks, or search directly for the file name. It’s also easier to organize adventures within folders, so they contain day trips, entire holidays or other related journeys.

All content types can be viewed in different views. For example in streamview, the experiences can be scrolled through like on a website, while in showview they can be played as slideshow with musical accompaniment. What makes it special is, that the description is read out loud by Siri or one of her friends and the videospeed can be adjusted individually.

So you can relive your adventures in a relaxed way. Or share them with friends inside and outside motocompano and explore them in individual intensities.

Your Winter Sale benefits

For a short time, subscriptions to motocompano are available at a reduced price. Get the PRO with 20% discount and and benefit from the unlimited storage space of the local database. Now you can finally save all your experiences the way they deserve to be saved. You can also send your experiences to a group of friends at the same time and save public tour data to your own account.

In addition, the PROplus package is reduced by 30%. This allows you to take full advantage of the motocompano range of functions. You can now also transfer routes, which were planned in motocompano, to classic hardware navigation devices. Store countless pictures and videos of your trips within a web memory of 25 gigabyte, compare videotracks and use the motocompano app on two mobile devices, e.g. Smartphone and Tablet, at the same time.

All extensions included in the motocompano PRO and PROplus packages can be found here. We will be happy to answer your questions personally, just write a message to our support (support@motocompano.com).

Have fun organizing and reliving!

Discount and update notifications

Notifications about current discount promotions and when updates are available will be published on our social media profiles and in motocompano magazine. Follow motocompano now and be always well informed.

How to organize your content with motocompano

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