14. June 2019

SP CONNECT and motocompano

The most variable smartphone mounting system worldwide and the companion of your tours are the solution!

Smartphone on board

You are with your smartphone in front of your motorcycle, car or bicycle and are looking for a way to use your navigation app. What are you going to do?

The challenge is to mount your smartphone securely, quickly, and at the right angle. It should be placed in the best tactical position possible – within reach and easy to hear, with a good view of the screen and nothing important to obscure. And these are only the basic requirements, because design plays an important role for many too.

For motocompaneros, whose vehicles vary, this search can become an endless story. That’s the reason why we tested various systems, but light, universally applicable and with a modern design was only the system from SP CONNECT. In the following you can read which solutions in our opinion optimally cover the needs.

SP CONNECT Smartphone mounting systems

The brand SP CONNECT is specialized in the production of smartphone mounting systems. Their systems consist of phone cases, which can be attached, by a simple however effective locking mechanism, securely to one of many mounting variations. The phone cases are available for iPhones, Samsung and Huawei smartphones. For all other mobile phones, they offer the Universal Interface, which can be attached to smooth surfaces using adhesive film.

There are many different mounts available, that allow you to mount the phone in the place that suits you best. Once the desired mount is attached and the phone is in the protection case, the two elements are locked by simply turning them by 90 degrees. Done!

SP CONNECT and motocompano

For our test rides with motorcycles we use either the “Ballhead Mount” or the “Moto Mount Pro”. With both, the smartphone can be positioned well on the handlebars. The high-quality workmanship of the holders and the cover is complemented by the clean, black design. Especially with vehicles you have already put a lot of love into, such as vintage cars or custom bikes, it is important that it is not destroyed by a bulky smartphone holder. The case is so unobtrusive, that you can even use it as normal protection case.

During our extensive tours we luckily didn’t make any negative observations regarding a deterioration of the display readability due to vibrations. Neither from the underground, nor from the airstream. Unfortunately, the “Moto Mount Pro” is only designed for normal up to long handlebars and is therefore suitable for many, but not all motorcycle types. Alternatively we made very good experiences with the “Ballhead Mount”, which can be attached to a conventional RAM mount. By the ball the adjustment of the displays’ inclination is a bit simpler, since this can be optimized not only at the handlebars, but also directly under the Smartphone. We found this very useful, especially when driving in strong sunlight.

For test drives with cars we use the “Suction Mount” instead. This is a movable arm that can be attached to the windscreen by means of a strong suction cup. A small lever is pressed down when the windscreen is attached, so that the holder is automatically sucked against the windscreen. To remove, simply release the lever. The high quality of the material is easily recognizable and the simple, black design finds repetition. What we particularly like about this mount is, that the smartphone can be rotated by 360 degrees, making it possible to navigate in portrait and landscape format.

Summarized, the mounts are quick and easy to install. They can withstand large vibrations and shocks without making the display illegible. And once you have the SP CONNECT mobile phone case, you can use the mounts of your motorcycle, car or bicycle without limits. For all that the price of the set from 49,99€ is also fair.

SP CONNECT especially for superbikes!

Why hard, when it can be easy? A well-known problem with superbikes is the short handlebar, where there’s simply no space to attach a smartphone holder. In cooperation with Ducati, SP CONNECT has developed the solution. The set includes the “Moto Mount Pro”, a special case with Ducati logo and a splash-proof “Weather Cover”. This makes it easy to attach the smartphone to the handlebars in a stable, stylish manner and makes it rainproof. But if you want to charge your mobile phone in the rain at the same time, you have to think about another solution, because the “Weather Case” covers the charging socket. But for us it’s still the best mounting solution!

If you want it to be less sophisticated and more creative, you can create your own mounting solution with SP CONNECT. Just take the idea of motocompanero “tommy-vercetti2210” as model. As you can see in the photo, simply make a hole in the top of a tank bag and screw the mount tight. Put your smartphone in the case, connect it with the mount and you’re ready to start your tour.

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