Getting started: How to sign up and first steps

This guide will guide you through signing up as a motocompanero and give you some helpful tips and tricks along the way. You will learn […]

Getting started: An introduction to the main screen

The main screen in motocompano provides you with direct access to the most important functions for the use on the road, planning and experiencing your […]

Getting started: Your profile and important settings

After you have installed the app, it makes sense to set up your profile and make some useful settings. This video shows you how to […]

Getting started: An introduction to the functions on the map

The map is equipped with all relevant functions for planning, navigation and creating GPX tracks and POIs. This video provides you with an overview of […]

Discover: How to discover adventures of other motocompaneros

On the main screen of the app you can see the clear division into the two areas of MAP and DISCOVER. In this video you […]

Creating a route: How to create a route in motocompano

In motocompano you have multiple options to create a route. Standard routes, curvy routes, personal routes, roundtrip with the same point as start and destination, […]

Your content: About POI – Points of Interest

POI are the marks of places on the map. They are an important part of using motocompano and you will probably encounter them frequently. If […]

Your content: About the different views of content

You can create, discover and use different types of content and technical data in motocompano. There are customized views of tracks, routes, POI and folders […]

Your content: How to organize your adventures in motocompano

Your experiences will be stored in motocompano in your database, distinguishing between the local database on your smartphone and the online database. This enables you […]

The Timeline: How to discover your friends adventures and post your own

Your Timeline presents a chronological stream of pictures, descriptions, routes and other experiences and data from tours of your friends and followers in motocompano. Post […]