31. August 2021

And that’s just the beginning!

Even though the summer has been a bit slow and rainy this year, motocompano was able to achieve some milestones. With the support of our supporters, the many mentions and good reviews in the press and last but not least due to the very latest app version for iOS and Android, 2021 is already a great year for motocompano.

Latest version of the motocompano app for iOS and Android brings an eagerly awaited feature!

In May the app version 3.2.1 was released. With this update it is now possible to spontaneously add special destinations to the route during active navigation. Gas stations, viewpoints, cafes and more are directly added as the next destination after selection, while all other planned waypoints remain and are automatically added behind them. Many of our iOS and Android users have been looking forward to this feature and are more than happy after a few rides with motocompano this summer.

Cheers from the press

Just like the users, magazines and online editorial offices have taken a liking to motocompano and the new update.

Their conclusion? Very pleasing!

“Motocompano stands out from other route planners because of the videotracks provided for many roads” – Motorrad (2021)*

“With motocompano, there is a driving fun generator with navigation skills for your cell phone” – ComputerBILD (2021)*

*The statements were translated from German.

Proud partner in crime

This development would have been much more difficult without the support of our supporters. Therefore at this point: Many thanks to all of them! It remains exciting and we look forward to the successes that we can celebrate with them in the future.

Get informations about the included features or register and see for yourself.