28. June 2019

Further improvements of the Android App

Here comes the solution for recently occurred problems. With the latest update of motocompano Android users can now use all motocompano functions.

Brand new Android update!

In the last few weeks there have been frequent complaints about the Android app, because some users were unable to register at all or the app crashed after registration.

We have worked intensively on a new update, so that we can finally present Android version 2.1.7 motocompano in a performant and stable form.

In order to get to know motocompano from the best side, please make sure that you have always downloaded the latest version. Since yesterday it is available as an update in your Google Play Store. (Version 2.1.7)

Just like the iOS version, the Android App is constantly being developed, polished and maintained to always offer you the best motorlife app.


Have fun and have a good trip!

Update notifications

Notifications, when updates are available, will be published on our social media profiles and in the motocompano magazine.

You can access the profiles via the following links: