09. May 2019

motocompano 2.0

The world’s first cross-platform app, that concentrates on all interests regarding driving pleasure. At the end of march the release of motocompano 2.0 marked a new chapter in navigation and touring apps.

This major development includes on the one hand the expansion of many functions, which support you before, during and after a tour and on the other hand the addition of many world firsts.

Discover the new standards of motocompano here.

Firstly, the new design allows you to access the most important functions right from the main screen. Clearly divided into „Map“, where you can plan and navigate tours, mark POI and record tracks, and „Discover“.

Finding inspiration has never been so easy! You can access the experiences of other motocompaneros and get inspired by their routes, tracks, POI and videotracks.

In “Navigation Mode” you will now be able see the next two upcoming instructions, so that you already know what to do before turning the next time. And if you can’t concentrate on the visuals, the route guidance in the background with voice instructions will guide you.

The “Mopedrouting”, which was developed with moped riders and owners of e.g. e-bikes in mind, calculates routes that definitely avoid roads on which two-wheeled vehicles are not allowed to drive at a maximum speed of up to 50 km/h. In addition, circuit routes can be calculated for more spontaneous drivers. You can simply enter your available time or the desired length of the tour and the direction and with one click up to four different suggestions are created.

There are many ways to record, connect, manage and share data with friends. It doesn’t matter if they are registered in motocompano or not. The Timeline provides you with additional information about the discoveries of your friends in motocompano.

From video recordings of a tour combined with a GPS Track, a videotrack can be created. Through this technology you can virtually ride along and relive the tours. It even goes one step further. The Compare Video function allows you to overview and compare two videotracks recorded in the same place.

All these possibilities and even more accompany your tours with the new motocompano 2.0 app.

Get informations about the included features or register and see for yourself.

The new tutorials help you to become a real motocompanero: