09. May 2019

New Android Update for motocompano!

With the new update for Android mobile devices of the app motocompano you can finally access all functions, that are also included in the iOS version.

Your advantages

The app motocompano has been developed especially for you as a driving enthusiast. Therefore the functions go far beyond any standard navigation or touring device.

Before, during and after your tour motocompano accomanies you and enriches every part of your motorlife. So you can use the app for tours with your motorcycle,  Oltimer, sports car, caravan or even E-Bike.

The new design allows you to directly discover the experiences of other motorcyclists on the main screen. Or you can plan your first tour, save an interesting place via POI or drive the first roundtrip tour from only one waypoint. You can save your experiences via POI, tracks, routes and video tracks and relive them again and again or share them as a source of inspiration with other motorcyclists inside and outside motocompano. And that’s just a selection of the offered features.

The app motocompano is for everyone, who feels, that every ride is a story.

You can find more information here.

That’s how you become a motocompanero

Just download the motocompano 2.1.2 app from the Google Play Store to your smartphone and register with a unique username and password. That’s it to become a real motocompanero!

How to get to know all the features

That you can use the many functions of the app motocompano, have a look at the informative tutorials on Youtube. There you will find how-to-videos, that not only help you with your first steps, but also explain many of the new features in certain user cases. Step by step you can discover the world of motocompano.

How to plan a Route
How to Discover