15. May 2019

New Android update in progress

One week after the Android App Release, the next update is being prepared! Before the weekend starts an update will be released, that will fix the problems of some Android users.

The new Android Update

Last week the Android version 2.1.2 of the motorcycle app motocompano was released. The functionality, which was previously only available for iOS users, has finally been transferred to Android smartphones.

But what weakens the success are the problems of some motocompaneros, who can’t use the app as usual. Although most of the Android users can use the app without errors, a few of them experience problems after registration. We are currently working on a solution, so that a new update will be released at the beginning of the weekend at the latest. Then you can use motocompano as usual again.

Until then, we ask the affected users to wait and try out the web application with the tour planner. You can plan routes there, which you can directly drive at the weekend – presupposed you downloaded the new Update!

Update notification

Notifications when exactly the update is available will be published on the social media profiles and in the motocompano magazine. Follow the motocompano account to stay up to date.

You can access the profiles via the following links:

motocompano Magazine